Spa Gift Certificate

***NOTE - you can also purchase gift cards through our online booking system, which is instant***

Everyone deserves the chance to relax, especially in the comfort of their own home

*** Please note that gift cards will take up to 24 hours to be emailed to you***

It's simple! All we need from you is:

To order one of our special Mobile Spa Gift Cards, please reach out via one of the following:

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If you are on a cellphone, click on the CALL NOW button on the bottom righthand side of the screen. 

If not, grab your phone and dial us at 403-829-2160 now!

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Gift Certificates

* Gift Certificates do NOT expire. *Gift Certificates can not be exchanged for cash

Call us today at (403)829-2160

or email: [email protected]

to book your services!

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