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Tender Touch Mobile Spa eliminates the travel, and brings the spa services right to you. We also provide services to couples and large parties. 



**Please share this important information with the person or people hosting your special Mobile Spa event**

Mobile Spa Etiquette Questions and Answers:

Q-Many clients ask what they need to have ready or prepared for their treatment prior to our arrival?

A-In most cases, based upon your requested spa treatments, we will require enough space to set up our Mobile Spa Equipment inside of your home or on-site location. We will require access to an empty sink, with hot running water and access to some plug-ins.

*For Facials and Massages, we suggest a quiet private space inside of your home. This allows your Spa Practitioner to give you the most relaxing and pampering on-site Spa experience.

*For Manicures, we request the use of a kitchen table or a small table so that each guest and staff member are at the same level of height. We do require a very well lit area, to ensure a high quality service.

*For Pedicures, many of our clients enjoy having their service done in the comfort of their living room, basement, or bonus room areas. Our staff members want you to be extremely comfortable!

Q- What items/equipment are supplied for my spa treatments?

A-We bring and use thoroughly sanitized or new professional equipment and Spa Supplies, including heated mobile massage/facial tables, facial steamer, heated jetted foot spas, clean fresh linens and towels, OPI and CND Nails Polishes, and relaxing spa music.

Q-What time will you arrive?

A-We normally try to arrive about 5 to 10 mins prior to your scheduled appointment (depending upon weather and current traffic conditions). If we will be delayed for any reason, we will make every effort to contact you.

Q- Do you reuse nail files or buffers?

A- We are fully committed to giving you a top notch, very hygienic spa experience. We always use a brand new nail file and buffer with every new performed spa treatment. We then offer them to you after the service has been completed. If they are unwanted by our client, we immediately dispose of them.

Q- How do you clean and sanitize your equipment, tools and linens?

A- We use a professional hospital high grade disinfectant, for all our equipment and tools. Everything is thoroughly washed with very hot water, and scrubbed down with a antibacterial soap. Then, before and after each client we use the disinfectant spray. Upon arrival, we will re-clean all of our tools in front of you, repeating the same above sanitizing procedures.

*All towels and bed linens are immediately washed after each spa treatment, in very hot water and detergent. We also add a disinfectant bleach to every load washed. They are then folded up and stored in a clean, covered bin in preparation for our next valued client.

Q- What if we need to cancel our appointment or spa treatments?

A- Yes, that is no problem. We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy in effect, and we will contact you to confirm your time prior to your scheduled appointment. The cancellation policy applies to both your scheduled appointment, and all your booked Spa Treatments. Cancellations with less than that amount of cancellation notice will be charged the full amount of your total spa services. We do, however, take any unforeseen emergency situations into consideration.

Q- How far in advance do I/we need to book an appointment?

A-We recommend booking individual or couples appointments at least 24 hours in advance. For a larger group size Spa Party or Event, please book a minimum of 48 hours in advance. We want all our highly valued guests to get their preferred date and times. Our booking availability changes on a daily basis, so reserving your appointment within the suggested advance time frame assists us in avoiding any booking disappointments.

Q-Are you ok with pets in our home? Should we kennel our dogs prior to your arrival?

A- We absolutely love all your fur babies! We would only request to have your dogs kenneled if they are overly excited, anxious around other people, or very protective of their owners.

Q- We would like to have our Manicures & Pedicures done outside in our backyard or on the patio (weather permitting). Is this possible?

A- Our experience Spa Technicians are happy to work with you, either within the comfort of your own home, or outside. *Please note, that when your requesting outdoor services, our staff will need to access outside plugs-ins & warm water. Also note that any regular or shellac nail polish applications are required to be completed inside of your residence or location, as nail polishes react to the outdoor temperatures & elements.

Q-How long does regular nail polish take to dry? 

A-We use a high quality nail polish brand by OPI. We highly recommend letting your freshly applied nail polish to set and fully dry for at least one full hour, after your Spa treatments.

Q-Should I have or bring any specific type of footwear for my Mobile Pedicure appointment?

A-We strongly suggest having or bringing some open toed shoes or sandals. This helps to ensure your nail polish application, doesn’t get smudged and it has the proper amount of required drying time.

Q-When I purchase a Mobile Spa Gift Card online, does it get sent automatically?

A-After your Mobile Spa Gift Card has been purchased and paid for online, it can take up 24 hours to be processed. In some cases, we maybe able to expedite your order, to accommodate any special occasions. All Gift Cards will be sent directly to your email address provided.

Q-Does your Mobile Spa go to hotels, hospitals, and hospices?

A-Our Professional Mobile Spa team is happy to assist you, in any of your chosen locations. All of our Spa treatments are performed directly on-site.  Please note, that if any of these locations (Hospitals, Hotels & Hospices) do charge us for parking, we will charge the same parking fee. This will be in addition, to any of your scheduled spa services being done.

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