Tender Touch Spa

Cancellation Policy Acknowledgement

CANCELLATION POLICY Updated On: May 5, 2021
Tender Touch Spa is committed to providing exceptional service in a timely manner. Unfortunately, when a customer cancels without giving enough notice, it prevents another customer from being served. Cancellations greatly impact our quality of service. For these reasons, Tender Touch Spa has implemented this Cancellation Policy that will be strictly observed.
All cancellation requests may only be submitted in writing. Cancellations via telephone will not be accepted. When cancelling, please provide the date and time of your appointment and email your request to cancel to ttmobileservices@gmail.com.
All cancellations must be received no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Cancellation requests received after the 24 hour grace period will not be accepted, and the client will be charged fully for the appointment and all services booked.
We at Tender Touch Spa thank you for your cooperation.
Your appointment will be finalized and booked upon our receipt of this signed form. Thank you, Tender Touch Spa